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B2C Portals are wider in reaching, enabling businesses to reach out to a global audience of consumers. The parameters of B2C portal development mesh to a certain extent with B2B but diverge since the focus here is on selling to end users or consumers. Apart from offering products of interest to end users, B2C portals also need to engage, motivate, convince and convert visitors while offering them a facile shopping experience. While B2B may be barebones since businesses are largely concerned with connecting and conducting business with the products in focus, for B2C buyers, the site must offer much more. In addition B2C channels need to be available on a variety of devices such as PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets and social interaction through social networks. This calls for a comprehensive set of skills, depth of knowledge and understanding of not only markets but also consumers’ minds and the competence to fuse all these into a seamless fine honed online tool that generates maximum returns at a global level. Insta Soft Tech possesses these capabilities.

Custom Product Development Easy Payment and Billing Systems Make strong relationship with customersA B2C Portals development makes the organization more efficient by improving collaboration and makes easy yourcorporate workflow. Thus B2C Portal beneficial for business owner as well as manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers &customers. A valuable B2C Portal can help your organization by saving time & money, Increase the productivity of anorganization, gives a strong position among the business competitor. You can develop B2C Portal according torequirements of particular business field.

B2C Portal Solutions

 B2C Portal Solution Content Management System.

 B2C Portal Solution Order Tracking.

 B2C Portal Solution Simple and Advanced Search.

 B2C Portal Solution Custom Reporting & Statistics.

 B2C Portal Solution Custom Design.




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