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Why Join Digital Marketing Course in Delhi?

You Can Become a Digital Marketer & Marketing Specialist Without Leaving You Job. UP Your Skills With Akash Dayal Groups Academy. One Place to Learn for Manager Level Digital Marketing and Executive Level Internet Marketing Training in Delhi in All Practical Ways. All Inclusive Career Support: Career Mapping, Resume Building, Mock Interviews and More. Akash Dayal Groups Academy is Rated Asia's Best Digital Marketing Institute. Join Our Latest and Updated Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.

Build solid foundation in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Course In Delhi | Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi

Being a top Digital Marketing Course In Delhi Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi | Akash Dayal Groups India we have worked with decision makers and helped them accomplish their business goals. India had to say about their digital marketing experience with Akashdayalgroups.

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Advance Digital Marketing Course 30 + Modules

What you gain?

After Successfully Completing Advanced Digital Marketing Course You Are Capable for Good Package, as a Fresher Also There is a Great Scope of Beginning Your Career in the Field of Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course Content Help You to Understand Each and Every Technology Related to Digital Marketing. We Are Pioneer in This Course and Best Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. We Will Help You to Get Place After This Course. We Know Everybody is Looking for Online Marketing Course in Delhi With Placement for Their Better Career.

Digital Marketing Manager

PPC Manager

SEO Manager

PPC Executive

SEO Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

Eligibilty Of The Course

  • Requires You To Have a Learn of Basic Computer Knowledge to Start Your Career Into the Study.
  • As A Digital Marketing Expert, You Don't Need To Have Skills In It Industry Knowledge. It Is Not Required To Have It Or Computer Programming Background.
  • A Digital Marketing Students Who Qualified Their Intermediate From Any Schools, College Students, Business Owners or an Entrepreneur Can Join Our Digital Marketing Program. They Must Have Computer Knowledge Skills to Become a Perfect Digital Expert. If You Think, You Can Join Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi Then Visit Www.akashdayalgroups.com in Dwarka,delhi to Apply.

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Digital Marketing Course + 1 Hour Training

Upcoming Batch - 13-December-2021 (Mon)

  • 100% Classroom Training
  • Upskill with Akash Dayal Groups Academy
  • 30 + Case Studies Modules
  • Become Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Specialist, PPC Executive, Influencing Marketer, Social Media Executive.
  • Get 150 + hours of intensive learning in Digital Marketing over 3 months.
  • Create portfolio-worthy projects

Digital Marketing Course + 8 Hour Training

Upcoming Batch - 14-December-2021 (Tue)

  • 100% Classroom Training
  • Upskill with Akash Dayal Groups Academy
  • 30 + Case Studies Modules
  • Become Digital Marketing Executive, SEO Specialist, PPC Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Influencing Marketer, Social Media Manager.
  • Get 1000 + hours of intensive learning in Digital Marketing over 6 months.
  • Create portfolio-worthy projects
  • Start Your Own Startup
  • 3 Months Internship Included


Advanced Digital Marketing Course is an in-demand Course Study to Join Jobs in Leading Mnc. Companies Like- Accenture, Webeddy, Oyecode, Flipkart, Amazon, Google, Nykaa, Lakme, Paytm, Aureus Analytics, C360, Metaome, Heckyl, Flutura, Sigmoid Analytics, Indix, Germin8, Bridgei2i, Promptcloud, Fractal Analytics, and Many Other Leading Company Offer Best Career in Digital Marketing Field. Apart From Jobs, Free Spirited People Can Earn Valuable Income From Freelancing.

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi Companies
Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Best Digital Marketing Course - Learn Skills

Digital marketing executes web and social media skills. In which people can choose many options like Social, Email, Web, etc. IT has 55 topics, including Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Graphic designing & video editing, etc. We are providing 40 above modules in digital marketing, but we have divided parts like Internet marketing course we cover 30 topics. In our internet marketing course, we have made some unique content for our newcomers. Akash Dayal Group is one of the best institutes for digital marketing course In Delhi.

Everyone can quickly join a digital marketing courses to improve their skills and knowledge about all online marketing like SEO, SMO, CONTENT MARKETING

You can also get the skills about core concepts for working in live projects. Digital marketing course is one of the knowledgable studies by which you can improve your technology skills related to worldwide marketing.

We can help you to improve your Knowledge in Digital Marketing. We developed this course in our Institute for Digital Marketing courses In Delhi.

Introduction of Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What is marketing?
  • How many types or marketing?
  • Basic of Online Marketing
  • Difference of Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Key points of internet marketing
  • Basic terms use in internet marketing
  • Effective platforms for promotions
  • Why people moving in digital marketing?
  • How much business can you grab after using internet marketing techniques?
  • Structure of Online Marketing
  • Fundamentals of Google Algorithm
  • Process of Digital Marketing
  • Scope of Digital Marketing

In the digital marketing course, we"ll give you the basic concepts about this course by quickly learning the differences between customer marketing and online marketing. How to use a search engine? How does it work? Our institute provides all the topics in the digital marketing module by which you can easily understand the basic terms of online marketing.

In the first topic you"ll learn about the fundamentals of internet marketing related to digital marketing. This we"ll help you give training about internet marketing course example what Internet Marketing is? Usage of online marketing, & last but not least, an overview of tools, etc.

Akash Dayal Groups is the finest PPC institute In Delhi for trainees to get the best up-to-date technology about Digital marketing.

Website Planning

  • Webpage and website
  • Basics of HTML
  • Other languages for website creation
  • Common tag
  • PHP Based Platform
  • What is a webpage?
  • Types of Website
  • Difference between Blog and Service Webpage
  • WordPress
  • Difference between themes and plugins
  • Posts vs pages
  • Category vs tags
  • General Customization
  • What is a wordpress?
  • How to change theme in Wordpress?
  • How to use plugin?

Now in the second module of the Internet marketing course, we will tell you about website planning means you can design your website on your own with the help of WordPress.

In this, you can understand the new basic structure of HTML tag, etc. you can quickly get the purpose of making static and dynamic websites and webpages.

We can also teach you to make many more websites example, eCommerce websites, Business websites, etc. Every trainee has their point of view according to their interest.

Website planning is the combined technology of digital marketing Courses In Delhi. It is the most critical module to learn about web spaces, frameworks, and web designing. In the digital marketing course, we"ll give you the basic concepts about this course by quickly learning the differences between customer marketing and online marketing. How to use a search engine? How does it work? Our institute provides all the topics in the digital marketing module by which you can easily understand the basic terms of online marketing.

In the first topic you"ll learn about the fundamentals of internet marketing related to digital marketing. This we"ll help you give training about internet marketing course example what Internet Marketing is? Usage of online marketing, & last but not least, an overview of tools, etc.

Akash Dayal Groups trainees to get the best up-to-date technology about Digital marketing.

Website Creation

  • How to install Wordpress?
  • How to upload Demo content?
  • How to install premium plugins?
  • Difference between Free themes and premium themes
  • Create Posts and Pages

In the third module of digital marketing, we will teach you how to create a WordPress website. In this, you will learn how a website will install on Cpanel, working on a domain and hosting. In our institute providing the best internet marketing course In Delhi. All the trainees will understand the topics of this module. Because without this platform, you cannot lead to transformation. Creating a website is essential in word press website, eCommerce website, and HTML website. We will teach you every topic one by one in our internet marketing institute In Delhi.

Content Writing

  • Bainstorming to Develop Content Ideas?
  • Powerful Keyword Research Tools5.Keyword Research
  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Use of Keyword Research Tools
  • Short-tail Keywords vs Long-Tail Keywords
  • Selection of Best Keywords
  • How to find best selling keywords?
  • Observation of what you can write
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing
  • Rechecking and Editing

Content Marketing is the next module of Digital Marketing. It is an essential module to understand Internet Marketing. Before moving onwards on search engine optimization(SEO), you should know the content on your websites, and then only you can create or design your website easily. This content writing is divided into two categories. One is Developed content, and another one is Prospective content.

Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research?
  • Use of Keyword Research Tools
  • Short-tail Keywords vs Long-Tail Keywords
  • Selection of Best Keywords
  • How to find best selling keywords?

A keyword search is a next topic to understand, which internet users use to find what they are looking for. Keyword research is the process of finding the keywords for your business and understanding how you are ranking for these keywords on Google.

It will help you to understand your brand and your business on your website. If you use this research tool, Google can rank your keywords easier. This tool has two types first is Short-tail keyword, and the second is Long-tail keyword. The short-tail keyword contains less than three, but Long -tail keyword could use more than three words on the other side. Akash Dayal Groups Institute is the best Digital Marketing training institute In Delhi to give you the best knowledge about this module.

Search Engine Optimization

  • What is Seo?
  • What is Search Engine?
  • How search engine works?
  • Objective of Seo
  • Types of seo
  • What is Onpage seo?
  • Domain optimization
  • Meta tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Website Loading
  • Schema
  • Use of Internal Link vs External link
  • Types of Linking
  • How to Create a Anchor Tag?
  • Difference between Inbound and Outbound linking
  • Ways of Linking
  • Techniques of Seo
  • Process of Backlinks
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Guest Posting
  • PDF Submission
  • RSS Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Video Submission
  • The Goal of Seo?
  • 3 Steps to Get to the Top of Google
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Reference Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Effective ways of Backlinks
  • Types of Link Juices
  • Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Difference between Domain Rating and URL Rating
  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • Find out top authority content for backlinks
  • Backlink Building
  • Domain Authority vs Page Authority

The next and significant topic we will provide you in our institute is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is essential to understand because it is the most acceptable module of the internet marketing course In Delhi. It will help your website get the highest position in search engines, like Google, Yahoo, etc. It is a design-based work. It divides into two parts On-page SEO and other is Offpage SEO. In Internet marketing, SEO is an important concept to learn. How does it work? Our institute is the finest Digital Marketing training In Delhi to train the best SEO services. Our institute will also help you to understand the algorithm of search engines.

E-Commerce SEO

  • What is E-commerce SEO?
  • Understanding of Best product keywords
  • How to index product in search engine?
  • Rank on Potential Keywords
  • Increase Quality Backlinks

Institute also provides eCommerce SEO Training is the Best Internet Marketing Course In Delhi. The best eCommerce SEO strategy includes Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching for. ... On-Page SEO through important keyword optimization in meta tags and content. Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your website efficiently.

Local SEO

  • What is Local SEO?
  • How to create Google my business?
  • How to increase reviews
  • How to optimize GMB?
  • Increase citation for GMB

Local SEO Course is a part of an SEO in Digital Marketing training In Delhi. Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. Any company that has a physical location or provides a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

Google WebMaster

  • Use of Google Webmaster
  • What is Search Appearance in Google Webmaster tool?
  • What is Data Highlighter?
  • What is Rich snippets or Schema?
  • What is HTML Improvements?
  • is AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) in GWM?
  • How to use AMP in HTML pages?
  • Search Appearance
  • Structured Data
  • Sitelinks
  • What is Search Analytics?
  • What is Queries in Google Webmaster tools?
  • What is Crawl Stats vs Crawl Error?
  • How to remove pages from Google Search results?
  • How to index pages in search engine through Google Webmaster?
  • How to Check Robots.txt?
  • How to remove bad backlinks from your website?
  • Google Index - Index Status
  • Crawl - Fetch as Google and robots.txt

This module of Digital Marketing course In Delhi. It helps you control your type of website or webpages in search engines like crawling errors,404 pages, etc. We will also give you the best training about this module. We have more detailed tool training. That is because we have the best Akash Dayal Groups Digital Marketing institute In Delhi.

Bing WebMaster

  • Verify Ownership
  • Using the Inbound Links Tool
  • Fetch as Bingbot
  • Crawl Error Alerts
  • How Can I Remove a URL or Page from the Bing Index?

Bing WebMaster Course is a module of Digital Marketing Training In Delhi. Bing Webmaster Tools provides many features that can be accessed by webmasters after they verify the ownership of their websites using methods such as MetaTag verification, adding CNAME record to DNS entry, XML verification and DomainConnect.

It contains the following tools and features to support webmasters to access data and manage their websites on Bing

Google Analytics

  • Use of Google Analytics
  • How to attach Google Analytics with website?
  • How to check visitors in real time through Google Analytics?
  • Difference between Session vs Page view
  • How to Add Website in Google Analytics?
  • Demographics and Interests Report
  • Geo Report ( Language and Location )
  • How to check user behaviour from Google Analytics?
  • How to check user browser from which he is coming to your website?
  • How to check user coming from Organic, Social or direct?
  • Adsense & In-Page Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Funnels

In this Module of Internet Marketing, Akash Dayal Groups SEO Institute In Delhi. Google Analytics tool helps you to analyze your website traffic. We have much more details about Google Analytics training. That's Why? Our Institute is the best Seo Marketing Institute In Delhi. Google Analytics Training is essential to understand the concept.

Creative Designing

  • How to Create Creatives for Social Media?
  • Decide best size for social media
  • Text ratio in image
  • Use CTA words in Creatives
  • Use Instant Creative Designing Tools

Graphic Designing Training is a Internet Marketing Course In Delhi.Graphic design is art with a purpose. It involves a creative and systematic plan to solve a problem or achieve certain objectives, with the use of images, symbols or even words. It is visual communication and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools.

Social Media Optimization ( SMO )

  • What is Social Media?
  • Social Media Uses
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Benefits of social media
  • How to target right audience?
  • What is Social Media Optimization?
  • How to increase reach of organic posts?
  • How to increase engagements?
  • Social media tools
  • How to add large number of friends in single click
  • How to grow your Instagram fast?
  • How to use Pinterest?
  • Use Hootsuite and Buffer
  • What is Listening tools?

In this Module of Digital Marketing Training In Delhi. Social Media Optimization: SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. So it is a process to increase your visibility through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc., without paying anything to these social networking sites. We teach you how to work on social media tools like FST, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc., for bulk posting and sharing and auto-scheduling. Institute provides in detail about social media optimization training in. That's Why? Akash Dayal Groups is the finest Online Marketing Institute In Delhi.

Facebook Marketing

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • How many types of ads can we run on facebook?
  • How to use facebook for lead generation?
  • Can we use facebook for branding?
  • How to target right audience?
  • How to increase likes of facebook business page?
  • How to create Facebook Ads?
  • How to decide demographics?
  • Facebook Ads Automation
  • Run ad on Instagram
  • How to grow your Instagram fast?
  • How to run ad on Linkedin?
  • How to run ad on twitter?
  • How to increase engagement of tweets?
  • How to generate leads through Facebook Marketing?
  • How to add conversion tracking pixel code

Next Module of Internet Marketing Training In Delhi. Social Media Marketing: SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. SMM is a process to promote your website, Facebook pages through Facebook business, and Twitter ads for gaining higher visibility and customers. Akash Dayal Groups institute will provide all the concepts clear your all doubts regarding social media marketing. That's Why? We are the best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.

Linkedin Marketing

  • When to use Linkedin Marketing?
  • How to generate B2B Leads?
  • Create Linkedin Sponsored Ads
  • Selection of Best Ads in Linkedin
  • Tracking Linkedin Sales

This Marketing is the part of Social Media Marketing in which you will efficiently promote your website.LinkedIn allows you to create a personal profile and connect with other professionals you know or want to know.

Twitter Marketing

  • What is Twitter Marketing?
  • How to create twitter ads?
  • Increase followers with Twitter Ads
  • Increase website visitors through twitter ads
  • App installation with Twitter Ads

It is the part of (SMM) in which you can easily promote your website. Twitter marketing strategy is a plan centered around creating, publishing, and distributing content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers through the social media platform.

Instagram Marketing

  • What is Instagram Marketing?
  • Use Instagram Marketing for influencing
  • How to create instagram ads?
  • Generate leads through Instagram Marketing
  • Drive traffic to your website with Instagram Ads

This type of marketing is also a part of SMM in which you can post your images, videos. In this, you can create your business pages and promote your business and create ads to drive traffic to your website with Instagram ads. It's cost-effective marketing.

Search Marketing

  • What is Google Adwords
  • What is Bing Ads
  • What is Campaign?
  • What is Akash Dayal Groups?
  • Difference between Ads and Keywords?
  • How many types of ads?
  • Difference between dynamic search ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Broad Match Types
  • Phrase Match Types
  • What is Pay Per Click?
  • How to create Search Ads?
  • How to select right keywords for search Ads?
  • Exact Match Types
  • Broad Modified Match Types
  • Ad Extension
  • Bid Adjustment
  • How to control fraud click on your ad
  • Bid Simulator
  • Advanced location options
  • Keyword Match Types
  • How to use Negative Keywords?

SEM stands for Search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is a process to get higher visibility in ads position by creating and bidding on ads using Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a platform used to create ads in various networks like Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Shopping, and Universal. In search engine marketing, Google AdWords works on the bid process and ad quality. We have much more detailed search engine marketing training in our course. That's Why? Our institute has the best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi. Search Engine Marketing Course or PPC Training is the Eleventh module of the Online Marketing Course In Delhi.

Display Marketing

  • What is Display Marketing?
  • How to create Banner ads?
  • Selection of Affinity and In-Market Audience
  • Create Remarketing with Display Ads
  • How to lower CPC?

This one is another concept or marketing of Digital Marketing. Display marketing is advertising on graphical screens on the internet. The advertising media used are images, videos, animations, and text links, and moving pictures delivered on various end devices such as desktop PCs or smartphones. The display is billed either via CPC or CPM.

Video Marketing

  • What is Video Marketing?
  • Difference between Video Marketing Vs Video Optimization?
  • How to promote videos through Google Adwords?
  • How to Create in-stream Ads?
  • How to increase Video views?
  • What is CPV and CPM?
  • Video Marketing basic concepts
  • True View Ads vs Stream Ads
  • How to create Sequence Ads?
  • How to create Bumper Ads?

In this Module of Digital Marketing Training In Delhi. Video Marketing is a process to promote your video through Google Adwords, Facebook, and Twitter. We will provide you more details of Video Marketing training in our course. That's Why? We are one of the best Online Digital Marketing institutes In Delhi.

App Marketing

  • What is Mobile Marketing?
  • How to promote apps through mobile marketing?
  • Mobile Marketing platforms?
  • How to increase downloads of mobile apps?
  • What is App Marketing?
  • How to decide Target Cost Per Install?
  • How to increase install in Play Store?
  • How to generate downloads through facebook?
  • How to target potential customers through search engine marketing?
  • How to make business from mobile marketing
  • Effective mobile marketing strategy
  • Create iOS and Android App Ads
  • How to lower Target CPI?

In this Module of Digital Marketing Training In Delhi. Mobile Marketing is a process to advertise your application on different mobile devices to get full downloads and installs. In this, you will find out how to use Facebook and Twitter to get better results for your business. We will provide you more details of Mobile Marketing training in our course. That's Why? We are the most acceptable Internet Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi.

Shopping Marketing

  • What is Shopping Ads?
  • Increase product sales
  • How to use Google Merchant center?
  • How to upload products in GMC?
  • How to link GMC with Google Ads?

Its a Ecommerce marketing wher people can buy or sells good and services

Email Marketing

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How many types of Email Marketing?
  • How to use aweber?
  • Can we use Mailchimp for Email Marketing?
  • How to collect data for Email Marketing?
  • How to extract customers data?
  • How to setup templates and Newsletter?
  • How to send bulk email with your own mail server?
  • Every post notifications on Email
  • Collects leads from Email
  • How to create newsletter for Email Marketing?
  • How to analyze Bounce rate and Open rate?
  • How to generate leads through Email Marketing?

In this Module of Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi. Email Marketing is a process to send bulk emails with a single click. You will learn how to use bulk email marketing software like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. In this, you will know how to send each mail-in inbox without paying anything. We will teach you in detail about Email Marketing training in our course. That's Why? We are the first-rate Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi.

Content Marketing

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • How many types of Content Marketing?
  • What is iwriter?
  • Difference between Informative and Potential Content?
  • Content Marketing Do's and Dont's
  • Content Planning
  • Final words on your Strategy
  • How to generate leads through potential content?
  • How to target potential customers through right content?
  • Find right keywords for content marketing
  • Effective content marketing strategy
  • Lets talk about strategy for content marketing
  • Analyzing the keyword for content

Next Module of Digital Marketing Course. Content Marketing is a process to write potential content which can make sell through content. You can also earn from writing content from writer, freelancer, elance, PayPerPost, etc. In this, you will know how to create compelling content for any keyword and business. We will guide you about this marketing in detail in the Digital marketing course. That's Why? We are the best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi.

E-Commerce Marketing

  • What is Ecommerce Marketing?
  • Difference between Normal seo and Ecommerce website seo?
  • What is the role of reviews in ecommerce marketing?
  • Product pesentation and"ROI" parameter
  • How to think as a customer
  • Boosting sales
  • How to increase ecommerce sales through facebook?
  • Ecommerce basic concepts?
  • How to promote large products in single click?
  • Effective strategy plan for Ecommerce website
  • Cart development techniques
  • How to avoid failure on Ebay auctions?

In this Module of Digital Marketing Training In Delhi. E-commerce Marketing is a fundamental concept in a digital marketing course. E-commerce is a shopping website. It is a process to increase your sales through SEO, social media sites, email marketing, content marketing, etc. We will provide you all the importance of this E-Commerce Marketing. By this, our first rated Digital Marketing Institute is the best training institute.

Video Optimization

  • Video Optimization Basics
  • How to increase your views on youtube?
  • How to monetize your youtube video?
  • How to rank videos in 24hr in youtube?
  • YouTube Ranking Techniques
  • Annotations
  • Using YouTube Cards
  • How to get more subscribers in youtube
  • How to get more views with low subscribers?
  • Social media impact on youtube video ranking
  • Audience Retention
  • YouTube Analytics

This type of Module Video Optimization is a process to get higher positions in youtube search results by working on video optimization steps. This will increase your youtube video views. In this video optimization, we will work on the monetization of videos to start making money from youtube videos. You will all need to understand the concept which our institute provides in detail. That's Why? We are the best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi. Video Optimization SEO Course is a part of social media.

Google Adsense

  • What Is Google Adsense?
  • Difference between Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
  • How much minimum traffic i need for Google adsense approval?
  • Which sizes for Adsense is very effective?
  • How to create google adsense account
  • Different types of Ad unit
  • Plugin for adsense integration
  • Adsense Reports Study
  • Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing?
  • What is CPC?
  • Easy steps for Google Adsense
  • Top Internet Marketing Institute In Delhi Case Studies

In this Module, of Course, Google Adsense is a platform used to get ads on your website or webpages. With the help of Google Adsense, you can start earning from your website. We will explain all the details about this course and Module. This is because We are the best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi.

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Minimum eligibility for Affiliate Marketing
  • How can we start earning from Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to differentiate between potential keyword vs Normal keyword?
  • Affiliate Landing Pages
  • How to get affiliate links?
  • How to find low competitive keywords with high potential for Affiliate Marketing?
  • How to apply for Commission Junction and Vcommision?
  • Differentiate between CPA and CPL?
  • Easy steps to earn from Affiliate Marketing
  • How to redirecting visitors to Affiliate page?
  • Affiliate Earning Models

Next Module of Digital Marketing Course. Affiliate Marketing is a process to start earning a commission by selling some other's website products. We will illustrate to you more about this topic. We have skillful Digital Marketing In Delhi.

Earn as a Freelancer

  • What is Freelancing?
  • How to get project on Freelancer?
  • How to get project on Upwork?
  • How to Create gigs on Fiverr?
  • How to generate sales on Fiverr?

Our Digital marketing course syllabus has necessary modules like Freelancing. With the help of this, you can quickly make your business website or earns something.

We have the skill to illustrate and guide you through all the modules and concepts in an easy way.


  • Google Ads Fundamental Certification
  • Google Ads Search Certification
  • Google Ads Display Certification
  • Google Ads Mobile Certification
  • Google Ads Video Certification
  • Digital Sales Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • Akash Dayal Groups Assessment Certification
  • Akash Dayal Groups Certification

Digital Marketing Structure 20+ Modules

Pro Blogging

  • How to Overcome The Writer's Block
  • AIDA Writing: Write And Engage Your Audience Using CopywritersTechniques
  • Creating vs Promoting Your Content - Why Everyone Must Do This From Start
  • The Writing Process I Use For Years - You Can Make It Work In Seconds!
  • Make Your Blog Have Trafc And Increase Your List Of Subscribers
  • Outposts: promoting your blog and each article
  • Lead Magnets That Make People Subscribe
  • How To Create a Squeeze Page That Converts
  • Traffic From Social Media
  • Automating Your Social Media Traffic
  • Traffic From Google: SEO Essentials
  • How to use Facebook to promote your business and online visibility
  • Making Money With Your Blog
  • Products: Here comes the money...
  • A Path To Follow: for fun and prots (both of them)
  • How to create a sales funnel using a blog and social media
  • How to use webinars to boost your online presence and convert
  • Networking - Start knowing relevant people who can help your blog

Problogger is an online platform that offers advice and information on enhancing blog presence.

Personal Branding

  • About Personal Brand Building
  • Understanding exactly what personal branding is.
  • Who needs a personal brand?
  • Building a personal brand can change your life.
  • Googling yourself; have you ever tried it?
  • Your Personal Branding Story
  • Everyone has a background, so what's yours?
  • Deciphering your personality will lay the foundation to building your brand
  • Think hard about your core values and morals before proceeding.
  • Experience, education, certificates, and accomplishments add authority
  • Your Target Audience

Personal Branding Course is a kind of Digital Marketing course in which people can make their brand for their business. It also allows your customers and clients to know what figure it for your company.

Technical SEO

  • How to Build a Killer Content to Keyword Map
  • How to Optimize for Comptetitors Branded Keywords
  • The Rules of Link Building
  • Targeted Link Building in 2017
  • 20 Attributes that influence a Link’s Value
  • How to Appear in Google’s Answer Boxes
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • 200 Ranking Factors
  • How to convert goals into reportable metrics
  • How to prove the ROI of SEO Campaigns
  • Generate SEO Report for your client

In this topic, we will teach about technical SEO to easily optimize your website for crawling and index pages. This will help you with a search engine without any problem.

Black Hat SEO

  • Techniques of SEO
  • Black Hat SEO Strategies
  • White Hat SEO Strategies
  • Grey Hat seo Strategies
  • Domain Authority vs Domain Rating
  • Page Authority vs URL Rating
  • How to build Authority with Backlinks
  • How to Protect yourself your Black Hat SEO
  • How to convert goals into reportable metrics
  • How to prove the ROI of SEO Campaigns
  • Generate SEO Report for your client

Black hat SEO is used to rank a website that violates search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO techniques attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms to increase a site's rankings on Google, Bing, etc. Search Engines.

Influencer Marketing

  • Choose a Type of Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Identify and Define Your Audience
  • Find the Right Influencers
  • Qualify Your Influencers
  • Create Content Influencers Can’t Refuse
  • Track Your Outreach

In this, you will understand the strategy of this module, in which you can promote your brand by focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the larger market.

Lead Generation for Business

  • Build a business website
  • What is Leads?
  • Difference between Leads Vs Sales?
  • How to generate leads through Search Engine Optimization?
  • How to generate leads through Facebook?
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • How to generate leads through twitter?
  • How to generate leads through Google Adwords?
  • What is Sales Funnel?
  • What is Sales Metrics?
  • Difference between Micro conversion and Macro conversion?
  • Collect online reviews
  • Add live chat function to your website
  • Answer customer questions
  • Include calls to action on your website
  • Generate customer testimonials

Lead Generation is significant for any business. It helps you to start getting business leads in a brief period. With the help of social networking sites, email marketing, SEO, etc., you will know about this Lead Generation by Our institute. That's because only, We have best Digital Marketing Institute In Delhi.

Quora Marketing

  • What is Quora Marketing?
  • Best way to write answers
  • How to increase quora followers?
  • How to generate Leads through Quora?
  • Influencing through Quora

Quora Marketing is one of the strategies in which people worldwide can ask the question and reply with answers quickly. In this, you can make your account to promote your Questions and Answer giving ads related to their work.

Outbound Leads Marketing

  • Why Outbound Lead Generation Matters
  • What You Need for Successful Outbound Lead Generation
  • How to Generate Leads: Emails + Calls + LinkedIn

Entrepreneurship For Business Course Marketing takes your brand to prospects through a phone call, direct mail shot, or event. Focus your marketing or sales efforts on activities that involve you approaching people that fit your ideal customer profile.

Viral Marketing

  • Get Featured on other Bloggers' Newsletters
  • Social Outreach
  • Promote through Reddit.
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Multiply Traffic through Social CTA

Viral marketing is a sales technique that involves organic or word-of-mouth information about a product or service to spread at an ever-increasing rate. In this market, you can forward your messages through memes. Like. Comments etc.

Coupon Code Marketing


Press Release

  • Make Your Point and Be Quick About it
  • Use a Killer Quote
  • Use Visual Content.
  • Make the Last Paragraph Count.
  • Include a Clear Call-to-Action.
  • Reach Out to Specific Journalists.

Management Skills Training is the Best Digital Marketing Course In Delhi. Public Relations Traning Best Internet Marketing Course In Delhi. Learn Press coverage for your business by taking a digital marketing course demo in Akash Dayal Groups.

Earn From Social Media

  • Promote affiliate products
  • Promote products and services.
  • Promote your coaching or consulting services
  • Join the YouTube Partner Program.

Master Planning Course is a Best Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi.Digital marketing institute in India. Earning From Social Media

Domain Marketing

  • Narrow your focus.
  • Find names that offer real value.
  • Check domain availability
  • Evaluate the price
  • Get your domains front and center

Domain Monitoring & Marketing Training is a Digital Marketing Course in Delhi. Domain marketing is the practice of using internet addresses to expand the potential number of visitors to your website. It allows businesses to use domains to improve their website's standing

Sales Funnel Practice

  • Awareness
  • Visit
  • Conversion and Leads
  • Sales
  • Retention

Product Marketing

  • Organize a pre-launch giveaway
  • Increase your organic visibility
  • Take a chance with remarketing.
  • Establish relationships with bloggers
  • Take care of your customer service
  • Prepare your FAQ before launching your product
  • Increase product sales

Product marketing is the process of promoting and selling a product to a customer. Also, product marketing is defined as being the intermediary function between product development and increasing product awareness.

As a Digital Marketing applicant, you need to have skills and exposure in the following –


  • You all need to have a set of primary computer & technical concepts to start your journey into this industry.
  • As a Digital Marketing applicant, you need to have skills and primary computer & technical knowledge. It is not required to have a marketing, IT, or commerce background.
  • A person who qualified their intermediate from any school, college students, business owners, or entrepreneur can join our Digital marketing program. They must have computer knowledge and little good communication skills to become a perfect digital marketer. If you think you can join the Online marketing institute In Delhi, then visit our office to apply.

As an Academy, we also recommend you join our institute of Digital Marketing Course and Advance Digital Marketing Course because it will not just help you get the basics right but gradually take you through advanced concepts and practical projects training.

What you gain?

After completing the course, you are capable of the right package, and as a fresher, there is an excellent scope of beginning your career in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course Content helps you to understand each technology related to digital marketing. We are best in this course and the best institute for digital marketing course In Delhi. We will help you to get recommendations after this course. We know everybody is looking for an Online marketing course In Delhi with placement for their better career.


Digital Marketing Course is an in-demand course to grab jobs in leading MNC’s. Companies like- Accenture, Pagetraffic, Flipkart, Amazon, Google, Nykaa, Lakme, Paytm, Aureus Analytics, C360, Metaome, Heckyl, Flutura, Sigmoid Analytics, Index, Germin8, Bridgei2i, PromptCloud, Fractal Analytics, and many other leading companies offer a great career in Digital marketing field. Apart from jobs, free-spirited people can earn handsome income from freelancing.

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We have trained more than 500 students in this industry and made a Digital Marketing Course name In Delhi field. There are many more reasons to join the best Digital Marketing Course In Delhi. We focus on every student in our Digital marketing training to get the best output from students. Digital marketing course after MBA is the best option to upgrade your skills.

Alternatively, we provide our students with one-to-one counseling during their training, advising them on their progress during their curriculum to better understand and confidence-building. We aim to make students work on practical projects and learn that our institute provides the best course for digital marketing In Delhi.

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